Members of AIRO at IDLab - Ghent University

If you want to reach an individual member of the group, send them an email on

academic staff

Prof. Tony Belpaeme
Prof. Joni Dambre
Prof. Francis wyffels

senior researchers

Dr. Andreas Verleysen
Dr. Annelies Lejon
Dr. Mathieu De Coster
Dr. Tom Neutens


Axel Willekens
Bjarne Vandevelde
Danial Forouhar
Dries Marzougui
Edger Rutatola
Eva Verhelst
Giulio Antonio Abbo
Jarne Van den Herrewegen
Maria José Pinto
Marieke Louage
Matthijs Biondina
Natacha Gesquière
Peter De Roovere
Qiaoqiao Ren
Rembert Daems
Remko Proesmans
Ruben Janssens
Stefan Iacob
Tanguy Cazalets
Thomas Lips
Toon Vandendriessche
Victor-Louis De Gusseme
Willem Lapage
Yi Liu

current visiting members

  • Paulo Cardoso, IST Lisbon
  • Giulia Pescuddu, IIT Genova

past visiting members

  • Dr. Riddhi Das, IIT Genova


There are currently no vacancies. But feel free to reach out to us! We can assist you in applying for a personal scholarship to complete a PhD in AIRO.

graduated doctoral students

Graduate (Year) Supervisors Dissertation
Mathieu De Coster, PhD (2024) Joni Dambre, Mieke Van Herreweghe Neural Sign Language Recognition and Translation: Towards Sign Language Applications Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Maxim Bonnaerens, PhD (2023) Joni Dambre, Matthias Freiberger Resource-Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Tom Neutens, PhD (2022) Francis wyffels, Kris Coolsaet Physical computing in primary and secondary education: techniques and tools for teaching and assessment
Andreas Verleysen, PhD (2022) Francis wyffels, Joni Dambre Learning robotic cloth manipulation
Olivier Pieters, PhD (2022) Francis wyffels, Tom De Swaef, Michiel Stock Reservoir computing with plants
Gabriel Urbain, PhD (2021) Francis wyffels, Joni Dambre Biologically inspired locomotion of compliant robots
Iryna Korshunova, PhD (2020) Joni Dambre, A. Gretton BRUNO: exchangeable deep learning models of predictive distributions
Luthffi Ismail, PhD (2020) Francis wyffels, Tony Belpaeme, F. A. Hanapiah Improvement of child-robot interaction for children diagnosed with cognitive impairments
Matthias Freiberger, PhD (2020) Joni Dambre, Peter Bienstman Scaling up integrated photonic reservoirs towards low-power high-bandwidth computing
Patricio Astudillo, PhD (2020) Joni Dambre, Peter Mortier Cardiovascular medical image analysis with deep learning
Fréderic Godin, PhD (2019) Wesley De Neve, Joni Dambre Improving and interpreting neural networks for word-level prediction tasks in natural language processing
Lionel Pigou, PhD (2018) Joni Dambre, Mieke Van Herreweghe Gesture and sign language recognition with deep learning
Jonas Degrave, PhD (2018) Francis wyffels, Joni Dambre Incorporating prior knowledge into deep neural network controllers of legged robots
Thibault Verhoeven, PhD (2017) Joni Dambre, Pieter-Jan Kindermans, Pieter van Mierlo Brain-computer interfaces with machine learning: a symbiotic approach
Cesar Vandevelde, PhD (2017) Jelle Saldien, Francis wyffels Study on the design of DIY social robots
Sander Dieleman, PhD (2016) Joni Dambre, Benjamin Schrauwen Learning feature hierarchies for musical audio signals
Aäron van den Oord, PhD (2015) Joni Dambre, Benjamin Schrauwen Deep architectures for feature extraction and generative modeling