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AIRO is a research team part of the research group IDLab. Our team is lead by Prof. Joni Dambre, Prof. Francis wyffels, and Prof. Tony Belpaeme. Together with our team of researchers and students, we work on interdisciplinary research in the fields of AI and Robotics, ranging from social robotics to fringe machine learning. The lab has vast experience with neural networks and ended up several times as a winning team in international Kaggle competitions on image recognition. Get a full overview of the fundamental and applied research problems we tackle on research page.


May 19, 2022 Value-Aware AI

AIRO is joining the VALAWAI project (short for Value-Aware AI) which we look into how consciousness and AI. Specifically, the project will look at how AI can become aware of the value of its decisions. How can an AI system know what is right and wrong? How can we give AI a moral compass?

Mar 10, 2022 HRI2022 meet-up - Human-Robot Interaction in Barcelona

As the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction 2022, or HRI2022 for short, was forced to move from an in-person conference to a virtual only conference, we decided to offer an opportunity for the HRI community to physically meet in Barcelona on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 March 2022.

Feb 11, 2022 PlantComp - Workshop on plant sensing and computing

We are happy to announce the 2nd workshop on plant sensing and computing: PlantComp! In October 2022, PlantComp will bring together young researchers in plant physiology, sensing and modelling.

Feb 8, 2022 PhD defence of Olivier Pieters

Can plants compute? How can we quantify the computational power of plants? That is what Olivier Pieters explored in his PhD which he defended today!

Sep 23, 2021 The AIRO family is growing

The AIRO team looking very vibrant, happy and healthy. As of September 2021 we are a 30-strong team, with ten new people joining us to work on Human-Robot Interaction, robotic manipulation, unconventional computing, machine learning and sign language understanding.

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