AIRO is joining the VALAWAI project (short for Value-Aware AI) which we look into how consciousness and AI. Specifically, the project will look at how AI can become aware of the value of its decisions. How can an AI system know what is right and wrong? How can we give AI a moral compass?

VALAWAI is a Pathfinder project, funded by the European Commission, and is a collaboration between the Spanish National Research Council, the Italian Institute of Technology, the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, Sony Computer Science Labs, and Ghent University. The team will develop a toolbox to build value-aware systems relying on an architecture for consciousness inspired by neurophysiological evidence. This forms the basis for a foundational framework for moral decision-making based on psychology, social cognition and social brain science. In Ghent, the research will focus on awareness and consciousness in and for robots and specifically for social robots.